Here you can find some of the electronic music I make by my own.
You're also invited to visit
which is the webpage of an electro-acoustic project
where I'm playing accordion, synth, and providing buzz sequences.


(mp3 file, 128kbps, 5:04 min, 4.64 MB)
(mp3 file, 64kbps, 5:04 min, 2.32 MB)

cómo me siento
(mp3 file, 128kbps, 5:25 min, 4.97 MB)
cómo me siento
(mp3 file, 64kbps, 5:25 min, 2.48 MB)

(mp3 file, 128kbps, 3:21 min, 3.08 MB)
(mp3 file, 64kbps, 3:21 min, 1.54 MB)

(mp3 file, 128kbps, 3:19 min, 3.04 MB)
(mp3 file, 64kbps, 3:19 min, 1.52 MB)

sort of raï
(buzz file, 3:36 min, 387 kb)
sort of raÏ
(ogg vorbis file, 3:36 min, 2.06 MB)

bmx is a native buzz format,
ogg is a compressed audio ogg vorbis file.
...and .mp3 is mp3 audio :P

Last updated: Jan 03, 2005

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